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LA Rugs

About LA Rugs

The vibrant range of rugs for kids by LA Rugs brings your playroom, nursery or kids' room floor to life. These area rugs perfectly bring a pop of color and style to your kids’ space. These lovely mats with animals, roads and letters are not only made with beautiful patterns, to add a focal point to your child’s bedroom, but can also work perfectly as a fun learning experience in a playroom. Even if you’ve just started to turn a room into a fun kids zone, these rugs, that are made of high quality materials like wool and cotton, are the right place to start.

LA Rugs offers a colorful collection of bedroom rugs for kids, playroom rugs and kindergarten rugs, and are loved by the youngest users of our website (and their parents too), The Rug District. A piece of advice to all the parents checking out this collection: let your little kids choose the colors and patterns to give them a sense of ownership over their space. Once they’ve finalized their favorite rug(s), shop them online directly from our website and enjoy a wide range of benefits, including: a 30 day in-home trial, price match guarantee, free shipping and much more!