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Concord Rugs

Concord Rugs

About Concord Rugs

Concord is a global business-to-business wholesaler brand specializing in the manufacturing of printed nylon area rugs. They are among the top exporters of machine made area rugs that are made in and sent out of Turkey to the United States. By ordering these rugs, you can make the most out of your money as they offer superior quality and value at affordable price points while delivering the most trending designs and styles.

Since its very beginning, Concord has prided itself of maintaining strong customer service and an excellent range of products with a clear vision. This brand truly symbolizes originality, progression and innovation in contemporary rugs designs. All the area rugs by Concord are manufactured in Turkey, the country that is often cited as the true birthplace of oriental rugs. They have adapted the ancient Turkish tradition of carpet weaving and incorporated it to their modern and convenient method of creating beautiful area rugs in USA.

Concord’s exquisite collection attracts customers ranging from chic furniture stores, high-volume department stores and small sole-proprietors. At The Rug District though, you don’t have to purchase these top-quality Concord rugs in bulk orders. Take your favorite picks from our personally handpicked collection of Concord Rugs above and shop them online in quick and easy steps from our website.