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Colonial Mills Rugs

Colonial Mills Rugs

About Colonial Mills Rugs

Colonial Mills is a US based quality braided rugs manufacturer with an active presence of over 40 years. Their rugs are crafted in their special facility based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, which just so happens to be down the street from Slater Mill, the birthplace of America’s textile industry. Colonial Mills is known for bringing innovation to braid. With a seamless combination of quality, American adaptable designs and American Craftsmanship, they are on their way to build the next generation of braided home fashions. 

The unique range of rugs and carpets by Colonial Mills combine the traditional and the contemporary designs with an approach that showcases every individual’s unique sense of style. From boldly modern rugs to classically rustic ones, Colonial Mills offers the true essence of quality American rugs

Our personally curated, handpicked collection, of mesmerizing rugs by Colonial Mills is at our disposal to be shipped and delivered at your doorsteps. The team of Colonial Mills is committed to using surface yarns and materials of the highest standards, and this is the exact reason why everyone who checks out this collection finds themselves loving the beauty of their rugs. Find the best of Colonial Mills rugs right here on The Rug District and enjoy an array of benefits when you shop online from our website.