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Wool & Silk Rugs: Timeless Natural Classics

Wool & Silk Rugs: Timeless Natural Classics

Whether it is an aged, contemporary, traditional or modern rug, the textile gives it character, and when purchasing a rug, there is a choice to be made, as far as the material is concerned. The origin of a rug can largely determine its composition. Depending on the region that manufactures, and the producing countries, the different materials achieve different outcomes. 

Let's take wool rugs as an example. Wool alone has many origins. The consistency and quality of a wool rug are closely linked to the animal. Wool is gathered from the fleece of sheep, muskoxen, goats, rabbits, camelids, and other animals that possess long hair. The characteristics of the animal and the region it originates from are determining factors in the consistency, quality, and even cost. Not a fan of wool? There are tons of alternatives to wool rugs, such as cotton, hemp, and silk.

For decades now, as early as people have enjoyed and recycled the richness of nature, the use of these textiles for floors, while comforting on one's feet, has brought warmth and color to the interiors of homes. And not only do rugs bring comfort, but they are incredibly protective against heat and cold. When explicitly used as decor, wall rugs and floor rug coverings flawlessly brighten up a space and bring a sense of calm, peace, joy, and so much more. 

Rug Weaving: The Strength of Wool and Fineness of Silk

In ancient times, artisans wove harmoniously cotton, silk, and wool over days. They discovered strength and thickness in wool and softness in silk, bringing a touch of finesse to rugs. Tradition has taken hold of specific and perfected techniques used centuries ago. Many rugs today uphold that exceptional, time-proven quality. And today, thanks to advanced technology, we've been able to add more magnificent and vibrant colors to these masterpieces. 

Evolution of Rug Weaving Techniques

Today's technical developments have made it possible to combine the art of weaving with the use of raw materials from Middle Eastern countries to Australia. The combination of materials used nowadays has allowed for many new discoveries in how the materials may be used. Wool, through a particular type of preparation, may obtain results almost equivalent to silk. These new working methods have allowed rugs to be sold at prices lower than Persian rugs without compromising on quality. 

The contemporary wool rug still takes full advantage of such developments. The weaving in series and the optimized wool, silk, cotton, and hemp offer exciting variety. Tradition respects itself, and antique rugs are more coveted than ever.

There is a rug for each room! The variety of rugs is fabulous. Patterns are innumerable, colors are vast and vibrant, and sizes are respectable. 

What Is The Main Difference Between Wool and Silk Rugs?

Wool and silk are the two of the most commonly used materials for high-quality area rugs. Each material offers different advantages. Whether you want a luxurious, comforting rug for your home or a specific piece of rug art, understanding the materials used is essential for the rug's purpose. What is the difference between silk and wool rugs?

Well, for starters, silk is much finer than wool. During weaving, this allows the weaver to create more complex and sharp patterns. However, silk rugs are much more challenging to make. Handweaving is already very complex, and the use of exceptionally fine material requires an even greater degree of skill. In addition, silk is more expensive to source than high-quality wool. 

Due to the higher material costs, it can be assumed that silk rugs are generally more expensive than wool rugs. However, labor and material costs are not the only factors when evaluating a rug. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right rug based on the materials used. Let's discuss them in-depth.

  •    Durability: Wool rugs are very durable. The pile height is thicker and more robust and, of course, less prone to splatter and stains. Wool rugs can be used regularly for decades. Silk rugs are also tough, but they are more prone to spillage, which is why some rugs offer the option of mixing silk with wool to highlight the properties of both fibers.
  •    Appearance: Wool is a fascinating material and can hold color very well. To the eye, wool is very similar to other materials. On the other hand, silk is very popular because of its unique beauty, thanks to the material. Silk material shines and is very pleasant to the touch. Silk rugs generally offer more intricate and unique designs as well, due to the delicate fabric. 
  •    Care: Wool rugs are relatively easy to clean and can often be easily vacuumed. If stained, they can be cleaned with a special detergent. On the other hand, silk rugs require gentler care and should not be cleaned with hot water or steam. A cleaning service should be used for high-quality wool and most all silk rugs.
  •    Cost: As mentioned earlier, silk is more expensive than wool. Since silk rugs are often made in very intricate forms, they are usually more costly. However, when it comes to costing high-quality rugs, art, origin, and technology are also considered. 

Silk Rugs vs. Wool Rugs: Which Rug to Choose?

Wool and silk rugs may both be very luxurious and are both certainly worth the money. Silk rugs are generally more expensive and sought after. The exclusivity of silk and the ability to weave it make silk the material of choice for many skilled weavers. If you are looking for a rug as a work of art or a display item, silk is probably the right choice of material. 

On the other hand, if you're looking for a natural rug that's easier to maintain and is durable in the long run, you don't have to look anywhere beyond wool rugs. Additionally, if you are going to place your rug in a frequently visited part of your home, wool may be the best choice and is often less expensive.

Wool Rugs

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Silk Rugs

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As you can see, there is no clear winner here. You can choose your ideal rug type based on your specific requirements. But where can you shop for the best quality of wool and silk rugs? From The Rug District, of course! Head up to our online catalog and use our filters (filter for “silk” or “wool” within the “materials" drop-down). Shop for your favorite rugs today! 

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