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Tips to Buy a Perfect Runner Rug for Your Hallway

Tips to Buy a Perfect Runner Rug for Your Hallway

Picking out the perfect runner rug to fill your hallway or space may seem a little overwhelming since they come in so many colors, patterns and styles. However, we, at The Rug District USA, can make this process so much easier for you.

Hallways are specifically known for heavy foot traffic, which is why most people hesitate to use runner rugs in those areas. But eventually, you need a runner rug to maintain the warmth and coziness in your hallway (especially if you live in the northern states). We have put together this ultimate guide to help you buy the perfect hall runner rugs that will keep your hallway warm and welcoming.

Along with adding character and style to your hallway, these exquisite pieces also protect your floors, keep you comfortable as well as reduce noise. When it comes to placing a rug in the hallway, you cannot go with a flat, cheap runner. You want to go with something that determines the tone of the remaining space. Our guide to buying hall runner rugs will help you learn how you can make an excellent first impression with a quality and decently priced one too!

Our Tips To Buying The Hall Perfect Runner Rug

  1. Take measurements of your space

    You must always measure the length and width of your hallway before you start looking for a hall runner rug. Nobody likes wasting money on a rug that starts curling up against the walls or crams up the entranceways of your rooms. A standard hallway runner rug is nearly 2 to 3 feet wide and ranges from 6 to 14 feet long. We usually recommend you leave at least 4 inches of flooring visible on all sides. After all, runners are supposed to define your path instead of curling up against the walls. If you have a long hallway, you can leave a little extra room at the end of the runner if it is positioned in the center. Don’t forget to take accurate measurements before purchasing, especially if your hallway is narrow and there is very little room for error. An accent hallway runner rug is usually the ideal choice for those who have short corridors. Naturally, it will not be stretched out across the entire length of the space, however, it will not protrude between entries either.

  2. Pick out an appropriate style for your runner

    One of the most important factors to determine before purchasing your runner is the style. Go with something that will emphasize the flooring, architecture as well as surrounding decor of your space. With the perfect hallway runner, your guests will feel all the more welcomed, kinda as if they were walking down the red carpet. For instance, you could go for a country-style runner to casually escort your guests through your cozy home if your home is in the mountains. On the other hand, if your hallway is decorated with chic tile work, a contemporary runner rug would be an excellent choice. Whereas, if it is anchored with hardwood floors, you can always integrate the luxurious warmth with a traditional-style runner rug.

  3. Choose the color

    The most important tip is to consider what you are working with while choosing the right color for your hallway runner rug. If the walls of your hallway are painted in a neutral, such as beige, white or grey, going with a rug with vibrant hues would be an excellent choice to add character to an otherwise enclosed space.

    Brighten up the entrance of your home with bright, light hues. If you are looking for a softer, more subtle tone, buy your hallway runner in a color that goes with the tones in your flooring as it will blend just perfectly.

  4. Choose the pattern

    Once you are done deciding on the color and style of your new masterpiece, the next part is to decide the pattern. Stripes play an essential role when it comes to making your hallway appear lengthened. So, if your hallway is rather small, a striped hallway runner rug would be the safest best.

    If you wish to bestow your beautiful home with a stylish, chic appeal, try a geometrically patterned hallway runner rug that oozes a contemporary ambience.

  5. Consider the material

    The material of your runner rug must be able to hold up against all of the heavy foot traffic. Whether you are strolling off to bed or heading out the door, your hallway runner rug will probably be a main part of your everyday path inside your home.

    Natural fibres such as silk, wool, etc., do not hold up against moisture, so if it is near a kitchen sink or doorway entry, wet shoes, or feet, will potentially ruin your runner. On the other hand, synthetic fibres work extremely well, especially when someone in your home is allergic to sustainable fibres. If you have pets in your home, we recommend you go for a hallway runner rug that is made from polypropylene. Polypropylene will be much easier for you to clean and will resist moisture. You could also consider nylon and cotton as they are a lot more enduring for especially high foot traffic areas.

    Wrapping it up

    All of the tips mentioned above conclude our elaborate guide and we are certain that you will now be able to make an informed decision when buying your new runner rug. At The Rug District USA, we have introduced an amazing and vast selection of stylish runner rugs that you will absolutely love. So, scroll through our collection, use our smart filters to narrow down the search, and pick out your favorite one today.


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