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How to Choose the Right Rug Size for Your Living Room and Bedroom?

How to Choose the Right Rug Size for Your Living Room and Bedroom?

The size of an area rug is an essential factor to consider when buying new, as it can dramatically change the overall effect of your space.


If an area rug is too small, it can make your space feel off-balance. If the rug is too large, it can make your room appear small. The perfect size rug will add balance and warmth to your space just the right way.

How do you choose the correct size area rug, given all the choices on the market?


In this article, The Rug District will help you to determine the right size rug for your space so that you can make an informed decision when buying a beautiful new rug.

Tips for all Spaces

  1. Read the Room

 An area rug should echo the dimensions of a room. Make sure to choose a rug that is proportional to the space; large rugs for large rooms and small rugs for small rooms.

 2. The Bigger the Better

A couple of inches on a rug can make all the difference between making a room feel disjointed or pulling the room together. It is most often worth the bigger investment for a larger rug to best match the size of the room.

3. Envision the Final Look

Use painters measuring tape to imitate the placement of the rug before purchasing. This tip is handy for checking the right fit from every angle.

Rug Sizing by Room

The perfect rug size will depend on each room and the furniture within. Measure the room and all furniture, and then play with the different rug layouts.

  1. The Living Room

    Rugs for Living Room

The shape of a living room should determine the size and orientation of the area rug, to help make the space appear larger but also connected.

In a living room, there are three possible layouts:

A) All furniture legs placed on the rug,
B) Only the front legs of the furniture placed on the rug, 
C) All furniture placed off the rug, except the coffee table.

With this last option, the rug must extend nearly 6” on both sides of the couch for an accurate scale.

  • All Legs on the Area Rug

This layout calls for a large rug and is the perfect choice for anchoring a living room within an open-concept area or for any floating furniture sets. Placing all the furniture on the rug will keep the pieces connected and create a defined seating area.

  • Front Legs on the rug

This option works quite well when one edge of the furniture collection is against a wall. Choose a rug size that accommodates only the front legs of each piece of furniture.

  • Only the Coffee Table on the rug

This layout is the best choice for small or narrow spaces. It plays with the scale of the room to make it appear larger.

To get the precise proportions, base the size of the rug on the interior dimension of your seating area instead of just the coffee table so that it fills the negative space created by the furniture grouping.

  1. The Dining Room

    Rugs for Dining Room

The shape of the dining table and the dining room should influence whether to choose a round or rectangular area rug.

  • All Legs on the Rug

We suggest you place all furniture legs on the rug in the dining room. The area rug should extend nearly 24” (but no more than 36”) outward of the dining table so that all chairs can sit comfortably on a flat surface, even when you push them back and away from the table.

  1. The Bedroom

    The Bedroom Rugs

As the bed is the bedroom's focal point, it should also be the base for rug placement. The rug will define your space and give your feet a cozy, soft landing to step on every morning.

  • All Legs on the Rug

This layout extends beyond just the bed to any accompanying furniture such as nightstands or a bench, however, does not include bedroom pieces along other walls such as a dresser, study table, etc.

We recommend buying an area rug that extends approximately 18” to 24” past the edge of the bed. Make sure the rug does not block any main walkways.

  • Runners on the Sides

This flexible layout works for beds and bedrooms of all sizes, including a design with two sides of the bed resting against a wall. The runner must never extend beyond the bed itself; rather it should be wider than your nightstands.

  • ⅔ Bed on the Area Rug

In this option, the rug does not extend up to the nightstand, however still allows for 18” to 24” of room on the sides and past the foot of the bed.

If you wish to achieve a symmetrical finish, you can look for an 8x10 area rug for a queen-sized bed and a 9x12 area rug for a king-sized bed.

Determine the Size of the Area Rug you Need

Many homeowners make the mistake of buying an area rug that is too small for their room. Often, people are too nervous about covering up beautiful tile, wood or marble flooring underneath.

However, the right area rug will add character to the space while still keeping plenty of flooring surface area available.

The fundamental guideline is to determine the right rug size by considering the furniture placement in a room instead of the actual size.

To Sum it Up!

 At The Rug District USA, not only do we offer an extensive selection of different sizes of area rugs, but we also offer a wide range of patterns, colors, shapes and low prices.

We take pride in providing the best quality rugs for all the rooms in a house. Browse online through intricate patterns, vibrant hues, unique shapes, and of course, many different size options.

If you are looking for area rugs online, browse through The Rug District USA’s online catalog and buy a new magnificent area rug at a discounted price today!

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