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Here are 6 of The Most Frequently Asked Questions When Shopping for Outdoor Rugs

Here are 6 of The Most Frequently Asked Questions When Shopping for Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are some of the trendiest and most sought after floor coverings today. Still, for some reason or another, they are not spoken about frequently in the home decor industry, at least, not as much as they should be.

So, we decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that you should ask when shopping for outdoor patio rugs. Here they are!

1. What properties should an outdoor rug have?

Since outdoor rugs, as the name suggests, are specifically designed for outdoor or wet areas, they must always have some properties that you wouldn’t find in regular indoor rugs.

They should be weatherproof, i.e. be able to withstand all weather conditions without being damaged. UV resistance and lightfastness are two of the most important factors, otherwise, the rug can fade or crumble, over time.

In addition, the tolerance of moisture and, if necessary, the drainage of water are also important for an outdoor rug, so that there is no waterlogging, and thus, mold build up on your rug.

An outdoor rug should also be resistant, robust and as durable as possible and, like any other rug, feel good one the feet.

2. Which surface is an outdoor rug most suitable for?

In principle, you can use an outdoor rug on any surface. However, in some places, you should only use it for a short period of time, while in others, you can leave it out for the whole summer.

For long-term outdoor decor with rugs, we recommend a clean, dry surface, as flat as possible, for which your rug can lie well.

These conditions, clean, dry and flat, are usually found on balconies and terraces, regardless of whether they are made of wood, stone, plastic or tiles. Likewise on the corresponding areas in your garden.

3. What are outdoor rugs usually made of?

Rugs suitable for outdoor use are primarily made of 100% polypropylene, rarely as a mixture of polypropylene with other plastics or purely made of other plastics.

To enjoy your outdoor rug for an extended period of time, you should definitely ensure that it is made of the properties that are required for outdoor use.

If you want to do something good for the environment, you should try a rug made of recycled plastic. The production is less energy-intensive than the production of new plastic.

If you want to use your outdoor rug in a weather-protected area, you can also use alternative materials, as the rug is only exposed to the weather to a limited extent.

4. What does an outdoor rug cost?

Rugs for outdoor or wet areas, for balconies, patios and gardens, are available in wide variety of price ranges.

Depending on outdoor rugs trends, size, design and appearance, you can get one for as little as $50, while the higher priced variants can cost up to $5,000!

The price differences arise primarily from the type of production. Inexpensive variants are made by machine, more expensive ones are usually made by hand. But, of course, factors such as the size and the effort required for samples or the production with drainage knobs also play a role in the price.

5. How do I clean my outdoor rug?

We have put together a list of tips and tricks for cleaning your rug here:

You can remove light soiling from a rug with a vacuum cleaner, rug beater or a damp cloth and a little washing, using liquid or all-purpose cleaner. A rug brush is also highly recommended.

  • A garden hose or broom are also helpful for large or heavier soiled rugs, coupled with extended soaking time (at least a couple of days).
  • You can clean or dry some outdoor rugs with a washing machine and dryer. Please always read attention to the manufacturer's information before.
  • Outdoor rugs without drainage or knobs should be kept inside during heavy rain days. Avoid waterlogging in rugs, at all costs.
  • Dry the rug and subfloor well, if necessary.

6. Where can I buy an outdoor or patio rug?

Right here from the Outdoor Rugs category of our website, of course! At The Rug District, you can shop from a vast variety of outdoor rugs that, we guarantee, will meet every possible design palette. Our entire collection is comprised of premium-quality outdoor rugs from some of the top-selling rug brands from across the globe!

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