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How to Suitably Set an Area Rug

How to Suitably Set an Area Rug

A rug that aligns well with the colors and furniture of a room will gracefully tie a space together and even make a statement. But what type of rug? We're going to help you answer that!


A rug is an all-around talent. It may bring warmth, color, and comfort to a room as it acts as an aesthetic, connecting element, between all of the components of a room. Nevertheless, specific questions do come up, even with interior designers and home staging professionals, when it comes to cleverly combining the right rug with a room's furniture.



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Should the furniture be arranged around the rug as a visual frame? Or is it better to have the furniture placed entirely on the rug? No matter which rug shape you choose, follow these simple rules, and the overall furnishing of your room is guaranteed to be a success. 

Let's begin!


Round Rug? Placement is Key! 


Round rugs bring a lively atmosphere to your home! They are an ideal accessory to give small rooms that special something or to soften strict lines. In the bedroom, they are particularly stunning whether placed partially under the bed or completely stand-alone.


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 Depending on the size of a room, key round rug placement varies. Here are some guidelines for round rug placement:

● In larger bedrooms, you may randomly distribute several small rugs on the floor. They will make the bed in a room look less bulky. For a unique look, you can place the rugs as stepping stones to the bed.


● A large round rug looks best in smaller bedrooms when it can take up most of the floor space, with just ten or so inches underneath the bed. Of course, there should still be enough rug protruding so that you don't step into the "void" when you get out of bed in the morning.


● If you want to spice up your dining area with a round rug, it is best to place the table and chairs in the middle of it, regardless of whether the table is round, oval, square, or rectangular.


Ideally, the rug should be big enough that the chairs do not "fall out of the frame" when pushed back but still stand with all legs on. In any case, we recommend following the "four-two-zero'' rule, explained below. 


● In a small living room, it is best to slide a round rug a little under the sofa (in the middle) to anchor it in the space visually.


● In larger living rooms, you can place a rug freely in the middle of the room so that it seems to float between a sofa and an armchair, for example.


Finally, a coffee table on top of the carpet will combine the ensemble into a harmonious whole and visually connect the elements. This setup is ideal if the rug's purpose is to make more of a statement. 


How Many Furniture Legs Should There be on the Rug?


To ensure that a room's furniture and a room's rug form a harmonious ensemble, there is a simple rule that rug every rug owner should know: "four-two-zero,'' which means that there should be either four, two, or no chair or table legs on the rug. With three legs or just one leg, it quickly appears as if the piece of furniture is "falling" from the rug. In other words, is out of place.



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Smaller pieces of furniture should be placed in the middle of rugs and carpets ("rule of four"), while the "rule of two" is appropriate for larger elements, such as a sofa. The rule of two gives off a type of layered look that works best in rooms that are a bit more casual, such as in the TV or children's room.


Laying Out Irregularly Shaped Rugs


If your rug isn't the typical square or round, or even animal fur shape, but a geometrically shaped one, you may be presented with a challenge when it comes to placement. Although a unique and pleasant effect, rugs with an irregular shape are arguably the most significant challenge in arranging furnishings to match. Since they do not have a natural center point, it is best not to place any furniture on them. Because of their irregular shape, it is also good to arrange them slightly diagonally to furniture. In other words, it's best to let them breathe, thrive, and shine on their own.


One quick tip: when working with irregular-shaped rugs, place adjacent pieces of furniture a little apart. This will allow the unusually shaped piece to be thoroughly admired. Give it a try!


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