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4 Creative Trends Worth Checking Out for Rug Designs

4 Creative Trends Worth Checking Out for Rug Designs

Design trends in interior design come and go,  but we are currently experiencing an  exciting trend away from purist minimalism towards more  opulence, patterns and bold colors. There is also a clear trend towards organic design, which aims to bring the beneficial energies of nature into urban environments. Eye-catching statement rugs are another design that stands out as a key element in a room. And with their growing popularity, you can now shop on the internet for area rugs, from all of the best brands, at unbelievable prices!

All of these qualities, listed above, make rugs an ideal element for creating dynamic rooms that have no fear to make a major design statements.

Here are just a few examples of how rugs can be used in new, creative, and eye-catching ways in 2021!

Trend #1: Redefined Opulence

Brand- Loloi

SKU: URBAUB-01AQ002030

Striking, exotic and complex- the new rich look can overwhelm with patterns over patterns, gemstone colors and the lavish use of materials. Decorative furnishings are clearly in vogue, with references to historical elements such as traditional textile patterns and classical art.

To implement this expressive look, carpeting is an essential element. Try gemstone tones and eye-catching patterns like flowers or paisley based designs on traditional textiles and/or wallpaper motifs or classic works of art. It's about finding a balance between opulence and nonchalance!

Trend #2: Biophilic Designs (For the nature lovers)

Brand: Momeni


Nature means wellbeing, and bringing nature home will certainly lift your spirits when you’re inside. Of course, it is not always possible to bring real nature into rooms (we are generally limited to a few plants in the corner, or a vase of flowers on the desk). Studies have shown that colors and patterns that are based on nature also have a similar positive effect in urban rooms. Proximity to nature and natural forms has shown to reduce stress levels and increase productivity. More and more home offices, workplaces and offices, are now welcoming the concept of design with natural elements.

Carpeting built on the principles of biophilic design can play a vital role in creating a healthy and productive environment. Textured rugs that imitate the random pattern and color of water, forest floors or cloudy skies bring in nature, in a sophisticated way and allow the organic beauty to merge with the urban lifestyle.

Trend #3: Designs With Meaning

Brand: Milliken

SKU: 4000143244

A massive range of world renowned rug designs are readily available today like never before. They can be produced all over the world, with exciting colors, new technologies and materials and see more and more commercial facilities, showcasing a striking and creative rug design. A rug can be the most important statement in a room, if chosen properly.

In many cases, the rug design can display the company’s mission or its products and thus becomes a subtle yet powerful message.

Trend #4: Geometric Shapes

Brand: Momeni


The improved quality of rugs and the greater number of different shapes has meant that there is an increasing trend towards geometric designs in flooring, in an almost endless variety.

While sheet goods can be offered in many different designs, thanks to improved dyeing technology, designers can also use their imagination with rugs. Tiles withing rugs can be various sizes and shapes such as squares, planks, hexagons and triangles which make it possible to create vibrant and dynamic designs. These are suitable for many applications where the versatility of rug tiles is preferred over sheet goods.

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